Center of Fighting & Culture are a part of Gerlev P.E. and Sports Academy. We focus on:

Rough and Tumble Play

Body Contact
Fighting, Order & Chaos
Learning by Fighting

Fighting Culture

Fighting Games
Kids Fighting Culture
Rituals, Order, Chaos

Martial Art in P.E.

Aim and Curriculum
Fundamental Skills
Fighting Philosophy

Combative Movement

Bodily Experiments
Rhythm in Fighting
Alternative Training

Body Cultures East and West

Playful Training
Health & Longevity
Chinese Body Culture

Body, fighting and energy

Conflict resolution
Inclusive Fighting
Very Energitic Kids

Senior Fall Prevention

Balance & Risk
Falling tecniques

Pedagogics of Struggling

Tori & Uke
Character Building

We are...

Center for Fighting and Culture – is a department at Gerlev P.E. & Sport Academy, which has given  numerous courses, presentations and educational trainings in and around Denmark during the last 19 years.

Vi arbejder for...

kamplege, slåskultur, kampkunst og kreativ bevægelse kommer til at spille en større role i pædagogiske sammenhænge. Potentialet er kæmpe stort!

Vi tilbyder...

kurser, oplæg uddannelsesforløb der kan tilpasses til jeres ønsker og behov. Vi udvikler undervisningsmateriale, artikler og øvelser. 

If we choose to distance ourselves from any kind of struggle and fighting today, we will end up in an educational dead end. Although the fighting is often wild, chaotic and intense - fighting can be friendly and educational.

Martin Lykkegaard

We have done workshops and courses for: